25 March 2016

SVG comes with Icon Cast 1.5

Yes! Icon Cast now lets you copy icons in SVG. To be honest we were thinking about bringing vector icons to Icon Cast for a while. We thought of it as a cool feature for version 2.0.

However we received a lot of feedback. Missing SVG support was number one. So there it is :) And the update is free as always.

Sounds simple. But because the way Icon Cast works adding SVG as a supported format is not as straightforward as it may seem. We also had to reexport all the icons to SVG and make some changes in the icons themselves to enable color customization and resizing in the vector format. Icon Cast was internally really heavily pixel-oriented. Ufff, simply going through over 1,500 icons. So much for excuses why it took us so long to release 1.5 and trying to make you appreciate our effort :)

You can now find a small menu in the top right corner where you can pick the export format. By default it is still PNG. When you switch to SVG all icons will be copied as SVG text that you can place directly into a web page code. When you double click an icon Icon Cast will open the SVG in your favorite SVG editor or viewer.
Star to favorite sizes, menu to choose export format - PNG and SVG
Please give us feedback whether this works for you. We plan do some minor improvements around how copy and paste works and we would appreciate your input.

Other that that. You can now favorite icon sizes very simply by clicking a star next the icon size. We have also worked hard to give more keywords to each icon so you should find icons you need easily without having to be an oracle.

I you would like to try Icon Cast you buy it on Mac App Store or try it for free.

Traditional list of icons added in new version below.

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