15 December 2015

Icon Cast 1.4 with over 50 New Icons

It has been a while since the last release. Much longer than we would like. However there were some things we wanted to do and are not yet completely visible.

The biggest update is inclusion of icons you have asked for. This time it is 55 - so quite a nice bundle. Icon Cast contains over 1,400 icons now. We were always pretty defensive about the count and rounded it to "over 1,000" on the main page. Not anymore. We are getting further and further from the magical one thousand. So we decided it's time to admit it :)

We have also polished tens of already included icons to make them better fit together. If you still miss some icons let us know at contact@pureprototype.com.

We believe you will wait much less for a few upcoming releases. We have some new features planned that we are very excited about. If you have some ideas of what is missing in Icon Cast just tell us at contact@pureprototype.com.

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