23 July 2014

Try 1.3 for Free

One think people ask us about Icon Cast is "Is there a free demo?"Actually, together with "Is there a Windows version?" it is the most common question. It took us some time but now the answer to the "free demo" question is finally "Yes". Over the hot Czech summer we have worked hard to make it happen. It was not as easy as we thought but ...

Miracles don't happen overnight. But they do over summer.

We are happy to announce that you can download trial version 1.3 for free. The icons are watermarked but you check see whether Icon Cast does what you want. You can then upgrade to full version directly from within the app via in-app purchase thanks to our friends at Paddle. Or if you prefer Apple's way for some reason you can download full version directly from Mac App Store.

You can check the release notes for details about both 1.3 and 1.2 updates. Shamefully we haven't got yet time to share news about big 1.2 update on this blog. So you can check its release notes as well.

We would like to create a new video about 1.2 because there are some big changes. So stay tuned or even better try the changes yourself before we publish spoilers :)

Download Free Icon Cast now and enjoy!

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