23 July 2014

How To Spot An Unfollower

Nearly every day a notification appears in my Twitter app. It says "XY followed you." I'm happy ever time I see it. And every time I immediately have a look at our brand new follower's profile. At a glance I can say, whether this person is going to follow us in the future or not. This is one of the things I have learnt within our short twitter experience. How to spot a future unfollower. Actually, it's really simple. There are (at leas for me) three categories of (un)followers.


According to what I have read about twitter some time ago there used to be a rule to follow back everyone who follows you. So, if you see a very similar number of following and followers in someone's profile, you can be like 100% be sure, that this person is a follower hunter. He or she is following you based on whatever and expects you to follow them back. If you don't, they will unfollow you. I would say they are interested more in numbers than in your content.

With different interests

By this I mean that sometimes we publish a post a person gets interested in. Like some quote, image, video, based on which a person follows you. Again, look at the profile and compare the topics of your and the new follower's tweets. If there is very little or no similarity between your and the follower's topics, this person is probably one of your future unfollowers. Obviously, the person has different interests.

Offering services

From time to time various companies follow us. It may be a marketing agency, specific software company, someone offering surveys, etc. From my point of view they are offering us their services. And in case we are not interested (and we never are) they will unfollow us. We are their "uncustomers", so they are our unfollowers.

By the way I really like using unfollowers.com. Not only because I can see who unfollowed us. But also because with this "sad" news it also makes my day. It offers me to tweet "I lost 2 followers recently and i know who they are thanks to Unfollowers.com" and it just makes me smile every time I read it.

Of course, it would be nice to have a much more followers. But we are interested in followers, who are interested in content we are creating and tweeting - mainly about UX and design. I believe we just need more time and tweets.

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