19 May 2014

Shouting Loud

It probably looks easy. We made some twists and tweaks in the Icon Cast UI, fixed bugs, delivered a few new icons with the last 1.1 update and we can have holiday until we decide to make a new version sometime. Well, that would be cool. But the reality is quite different. Because there is much more to do than it seems.

Talk, talk, talk... if you stay silent, no one will hear you

First of all, not many people know Icon Cast exists (not as many as we would like to). Actually a month ago only our friend and families knew. It's almost like being at a street where people are just passing you. We are now doing our best to talk to people and become more noticeable. And I hope people will start talking more to us too.


If you don't have any marketing money, go social...

That means that I have studied a bit of marketing, because I knew very little about it. Some time ago (before we started developing Icon Cast) I took a nice Coursera course about it. It gave me a really high level overview about marketing. But there is much more to learn - how to do marketing in real life. Especially, if you are a small business with a marketing budget close to $zero. With this huge amount of money we've got we decided to use free tools only. Above all, we went social. There are many people we can talk to. And it feels good, we do not annoy people on different web sites with banners.

Nothing comes to you by itself. If it does, it's just because you're lucky

We have a Twitter, Google+ and a Facebook account, where we try to post interesting or funny content you might be interested in. That means I'm constantly looking for mentionable articles, blog posts or apps. I carefully watch Twitter, constantly use Google and regularly visit web sites that usually deliver content that is worth spreading. This is actually pretty cool as you learn a lot of different things in the process.

Don't stop, continually improve your product

All the social marketing, website building, blog writing, thinking etc. takes some serious time. But we are not forgetting to improve Icon Cast itself. We have received feedback from our users and hopefully-soon-to-be-our-users and we try to add features that will make both happier.  This will lead to a new intro about Icon Cast together with soon to be released 1.2 version. Because 1.2 will be a pretty nice update. That's good. If we had to stay with the current version it would mean that Icon Cast is totally doomed. Or that we just do not talk to people about how to more it forward.

It's easy to say... But be patient

I know that Icon Cast will not become a superstar app overnight. And we will not have thousands of followers on Twitter or Google+ after a month of tweeting. Although our statistics sometimes look discouraging, we are still at the beginning of a really long run. Recently I ran into a nice image on linkedIn that nicely sums up this blog post. Let me share it with you.

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