23 May 2014

First Drop of Attention

We try hard to promote Icon Cast wherever possible. Thanks to our $ZERO™ marketing budget social is the way to go. So we started tweeting (better late than never) and also posting more on Google+. Exploring social marketing secrets eats up quite a lot of time - but thats the tax for getting attention.

Want to review Icon Cast? Promos codes waiting

Currently we are finishing 1.2 version to include some important improvements you are asking for. Then we would like to finally find and ask some reviewers and bloggers to have a look on Icon Cast. So if you know anyone who would like a free promo code and give Icon Cast a shot let us know via email contact@pureprototype.com .

Sometimes simply sharing your joy is more than serious marketing

However in the meantime I got really happy that somebody finally noticed Icon Cast and spread the word to quite a few people. I actually posted some info about Icon Cast in LinkedIn group for attendees of a Coursera HCI course (that I attended). It was not an act of marketing. I was just proud and happy of the work I have done, so I wanted to share my feelings with someone. I have already forgotten about it but just few days ago I was reminded by guys from University of California's HCI Course mentioning Icon Cast:

As you can see it really made a noticeable impact in Google Analytics:

So. Thank you - the team behind HCI Course - for picking Icon Cast as a good example. We will do our best to move Icon Cast usability forward with the version to come so you can be proud of us.

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