09 May 2014

Colors Get Some Love in 1.1

You may know that colors are a really important feature of Icon Cast. Yet with 1.0 we are not quite where we would like to be. If you needed to change, switch or reuse colors it probably took you some time and definitely wasn't comfortable. In 1.1 we made our first step to fix this issue for you.

We really appreciate those brave who bought 1.0 

Since 1.1 Icon Cast automatically remembers last ten colors you have used for your icons. You can also save any color to Favorites so they are always there for you in case you need them quickly again. This way you do not have to store a list of colors somewhere else and copy-paste them to Icon Cast again.
Another small improvement when working with colors is the adjustment of alpha with a slider.

Walking towards more efficient usage of colors

And what's new besides the better usage of colors?

- Icons from the search result are better ordered. So the related icons stick together.

- The performance is improved. After a long usage of application the performance sometimes dropped. This shouldn't happen to you anymore.

- The list of Recent Icons remembers all copied icons. That means also in cases when the icons were copied by using drag&drop or keyboard shortcuts.

- Few minor usability tweaks you would probably not notice but we are glad they are there :)

- There are also 15 new icons as we told you in our previous blog post. You can check all icons in 1.1 on our website.

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