26 April 2014

Simple Tool for Giving You Time

In this world we all seem to be really busy. Unfortunately, we do not just seem to be, we simply are busy - mostly at work. Your boss wants something. Your colleagues want something. Your clients want something. And most importantly your family deserves your time.

But great graphic design - like it or not - is really important for a good impression of your documents, presentations, prototypes and products. As a UX designer I felt losing seconds and minutes every time I was crafting icons for my prototypes when there were more important things to solve. And I believe I'm not alone.

We believe that simple tools can give you time you can spend better.

Not once but many times adjusting icons from different icon sets slows you really down. Icons are designed differently, might have different size or color. Although some changes might seem trivial, sometimes they are not. Getting stuck altering icons in an image editing software is a real time killer.

Whether you are a Web Designer, UX Designer, Developer or just someone, who needs icons for different projects - we believe - that with Icon Cast we can make your work life a little easier. We cannot change your boss, colleagues or clients (although it would be really cool :) but we give you a tool that enables lets you focus on things that really matter.

As one says a video is worth a thousand words. So we will go with video before any further words.

Icon Cast offers you over one thousand icons in a consistent sharp style in over 20 categories. You can search through them really quickly using one or multiple keywords.

Each icon is provided in several resolutions from small yet crisp 16 pixels to really large retina-friendly 1024 pixels. You can simply adjust the icon colors directly in the application. The colors are changed for all icons in the application. You do not have to set them for each icon separately nor you have to open a graphic editor to touch them.

You can create monochromatic, two colored or even three colored icons. Making a metro-style icon is as simple as any other color adjustment.

By a simple click or a keyboard shortcut you can copy a selected icon in a right size to your clipboard. Then you can easily paste it to any document, presentation, mockup, prototype or even product you are working on. You can also use drag&drop if you like it more.

Most of all, we are looking for your feedback, so that we can improve the application itself and add icons you are missing.

Check Icon Cast on Mac App Store.

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