20 April 2014

A New Journey to Walk

I’m Anicka. I’m a UX Designer currently on maternity leave. You might think I have plenty of free time for doing whatever I want. But actually I do not. I have about four three-free hours for myself before I literally fall to bed because of exhaustion. Now you may be asking yourself: So why did I decide to do some extra work killing all my free time? Let me tell you.

Everything started a while after Christmas, when my husband Vaclav came home from work and asked me a simple question: “Would you like to start a business?”
I do not exactly remember my answer, but it was something like “Yes. And what exactly should it be?” Vaclav described the whole idea of Icon Cast and it sounded cool and, most of all, easy. I had the feeling that it wouldn’t require too much effort. What can be so complicated about a few icons in an application, anyway? Furthermore a maternity leave is a good opportunity to shake your career a little bit. 

So we have set a goal to create more than one thousand icons for the application. I was sure this must be a piece of cake and done in a flash.

With a big dose of optimism and naiveté I started drawing the icons for Icon Cast. Over time my eyes started to open. Actually, this was a lot of work! And it was going really slowly. I believe almost everybody realizes this when starting a business :) . After hours and hours of drawing, drawing and drawing I had like a few hundred of icons. Far from our target objective. Furthermore I felt that some of the icon would need some more polishing.

And there was still no web page, no marketing strategy, no Facebook page. I had absolutely no idea I would have to write blog posts. I googled how to write a blog and this is the first try.
And I can be rally thankful Vaclav helped me with the app itself, so I could focus on the rest. Without him Icon Cast would never exist.

Anicka Slovackova

Finally the most important parts are ready for you. I actually planned to have this blog post ready before release but it took some time to recover after finishing Icon Cast and going through the Apple review process. In the next blog post that I will write after recovering from this one I will show you how Icon Cast actually works :). In the mean time you can check our website at pureprototype.com.

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