08 August 2012

Angry Birds go Metro

Angry Birds is an insanely successful game. You can play it on almost any platform including iOS, Android, OS X or even in Chrome. It also launched on Windows Phone platform but with just few copies sold. Microsoft's Chief UX Designer blames a poor optimization for Metro experience as the main reason behind lucklaster sales.
In the last six months we have sold millions of Windows Phone devices world-wide. Yet just two copies of Angry birds were sold for the platform. Me and Bill both love the game by the way. We believe that not taking advantage of superior Metro experience is the main show stopper for our customers. For example our Tetris game that uses a lot of rectangles has ten times higher sales. I'm looking forward to see Metro version of the game succeed.

To make people buy the game developers decided to create a Metro-optimized version. The game developers were very excited about their latest creation as well.
We have worked closely with Microsoft to deliver an ultimate Metro experience. We were skeptical at the beginning but I can say that nothing draws rectangles and striking colors like metro does. I believe most major game titles will get a Metro overhaul eventually. We are definitely leaders in this area.
Until the game is available you can check the screenshots bellow to get excited.

Developers from Finland also confirmed that a Metro version of their latest Angry Birds Space is on its way. Though no it will be probably later this year. In the meantime see the first teaser screenshot bellow.

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